Let’s talk mattresses!

moonlight award

Purchasing a crib mattress for your little can be a daunting task.  There is so much to read up on and so many factors to consider.  The most important (to me anyway) is how eco it is and how heavy it is.  The cribs are already tight enough, struggling with a super heavy mattress is not on my list of things  I would like to do with my life on any given day.

I discovered the line of Moonlight Slumber Mattresses when I was in Vegas for the ABC show.  I fell in love with them because they are eco and light!  Most of them are light, there are two that I tried that may have required a little more arm strength than I was willing to put out. The moonlight slumber sleepwell is the money mattress it’s my favorite.  It is a great price point, it has great features, and it’s green guard certified.  I did a little video to show it off.

I was unaware of this brand when I purchased my mattress for my bambino.  Actually her amazing auntie Terri purchased her mattress:)  It’s heavy, I feel like hulk hogan vs Randy Savage when I change her bed and I am not fond of that.  However, it is super eco so I do know that my bambino is breathing clean air when she is in lala land dreaming about tea parties with pepa pig.

You can find more information about the Moonlight slumber sleepwell mattress by visiting Happy Mango.


Origami is not just for paper, it’s an awesome crib.

When we got the origami crib on the floor I could not stop playing with it.  I  love it. It is super great for small spaces, grands houses, or the office if your kids spend lots of time there with you.  Hello all of my entrepreneurs, how ewe doooooooooin?

The origami crib comes in a host of pretty colors and is greenguard certified.  Yup, it’s an eco crib.  The origami also has a full sized sibling called the Maki crib. Same awesome fold away, just bigger.

Want to see it in real life photos?

Now I suppose you want to see me do my wizardry?



Back for the 3rd time

sad bmo

The bad thing about technology is when it decides to bail on you, it really blows.  We somehow or another did something that basically erased the last 16 months of blog post.  Yup, that sucks major monkey balls.  I do believe in looking at the positive so I will, at least it wasn’t the whole thing.  We were able to recover from May of last year to the 2nd beginning lol.

Please be patinet with us as we get everything back up to speed.

Nobody wants a safe pinata!

darth pinata


I am looking for some pinatas for the kid’s 8th birthday party.  I kept seeing these “pull string” pinatas and I couldn’t figure out what the heck these were.  I was immediately going to call my friend Simone who does all things party but I figured either she would tell me, or make fun of me for not reading the description. There is a thought! I read the description and it has pull strings that release the candy instead of having to hit it.  Super sad face, boo, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

The adult in me is saying this is a great idea because I can’t imagine how many kids went home crying becuase they got wacked in the face by an over zealous kid trying to get the candy.  The other adult in me is imagining what kind of crazy looks I’ll get when  I instruct a bunch of 8 yr old boys to pull a string instead of beating the crap out of the pinata.  The superior adult in me sees string pulling to not be fun at all and would rather not even have a pinata.  Seriously?

After like no pondering at all the end result, is that I bought the pinata with strings so that my son and his friends can bash it until the legos fall out:)

Mom, YOU are awesome!


Face it, being a mom is hard.  We know this, we tell people this but they ignore us.  They ignore us because they suck. That is why we have each other.

Mother’s Day is coming up and we decided that we need to reward our moms for just being awesome.  You changed a diaper today without getting diaper cream all over your clothes?  YOU are awesome!  You fed your children food today?  YOU are awesome!  You are incubating?  YOU are awesome!  Mom you are just pure awesomeness covered in glitter.

To show you how much we love you we are giving away free cupcakes from Dulce Vegan with purchase to all of our moms who come into the store on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday all pregnant moms get 15% off.  We have to use the honor system so if you’ve just had a bucket of chicken please do not use your food baby for a discount.  That would be frowned upon.

We are located at 1996 Hosea L.Williams dr, Atlanta ga 30317 in Kirkwood!


Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

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The ongoing put your breast away debate.


I am always taken back when I hear someone say they have a problem with a mom breastfeeding in public but they have no problem with the hundreds of thousands of “tit pics” that flood our magazines, timelines, and tvs.  Boobs were designed to feed your child.  Yes, are balls of fun for all who come in contact with them but let’s not shame moms for using them for there intended use.  Girls gone wild sold how many millions of copies?

I keep on waiting for someone to say something crazy to me while I’m nursing my daughter.  They will have met the wrong one!  I pop out on demand!

Here is Alyssa Milano and Wendy Williams having “the” discussion about breastfeeding.  Go Alyssa!